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Just some of the adventurers we have guided on their journey.

  • Microsoft

  • Home Depot

  • Tyco

  • Disney

  • Ebay

  • Walmart

  • Expedia

  • Network Appliance

  • Accenture

  • Samsung

  • Hyundai

  • Honda

  • Hitachi

  • Autodie

  • YPO

  • Coldwell Banker

  • L-3 Communications

  • Whirlpool

  • Sundt Construction

  • Edelman Entertainment

  • Boeing

  • International Game Technologies (IGT)

  • Arizona Builder's Alliance

  • City of Santa Fe Springs

  • Wisconsin Association of Homes & Services for the Aging

  • National Association of Music Merchants

  • Matter Public Relations

"Talk about an adventure! We wanted something out of the ordinary that would help us improve communication, work better as a team, focus our energies on our highest business priorities and provide fresh motivation, all while keeping everyone’s interest and making it fun. My expectations are very high and this experience was even greater than I had hoped. The training was highly effective and unlike any other out there. Completely invigorating!”
Adrienne Stevens
President - L-3 Avionics Systems Inc.

“Exhilarating, inspiring and ultimately practical. The votes are in and everyone agrees, we have never experienced anything as elevating as our day-long experience with you!”

“You and your associates did a terrific job! We have had a number of groups work with us over the years, but your group clearly provided an experience that was a cut above all the others. Insightful, enjoyable, interesting and valued by everyone!”

“All agreed that yours was a non-traditional approach that really worked. They appreciated the opportunity for introspection, the thought provoking insight and the critical element of fun. Even weeks later I have seen and heard how you reached their hearts, minds and souls.”
Stacy Hanley, Senior Project Manager
Motorola Worldwide Human Resources Conference

"Thank you again for the magnificent program that you ran for our group out here in France. The effect on our group was resoundingly positive. It has been a remarkable success in allowing our team to become more cohesive.”

Participant comments included:

  • “In my years with the firm, it rates as the most productive Division Meeting I have participated in. I have also heard similar response from the troops.”

  • “Leadership, tackling change, balance of life. I don't think I could find anything that could be more meaningful.”

  • “I've taken part in many ‘team-building’ exercises during my time at Andersen Consulting. This is the first one that I really enjoyed AND found useful and relevant. Well done!”

“By the end of the day I ended up with a smile I could not control. It was more than great!"
Mark Suster, Manager
Andersen Consulting, European Technology Park

“This was unlike any training I've been to. This was not a seated, take notes, boring day.  This was an inspiring, active, participating, mind- opening experience. I loved it!”
~ Alfi Grube, Special Events Coordinator
National Association of Music Merchants

"Chess Edwards’ presentation on overcoming physical and mental challenges hit home with every one of our conference attendees.  Day in and day out they deal with very difficult challenges. From now on they will push aside any excuses and journey on to face the uncertain challenges that lie ahead."
Some of the most repeated phrases that we heard were:

  1. "A very inspiring presentation."

  2. "Excellent and inspiring speaker."

  3. "Great presentation."

  4. "Wonderful!"

John Sauer. Executive Director, Wisconsin Association of Housing & Services for the Aging.

“This experience will change the way your organization collaborates; it gives everyone in the organization a different and renewed perspective on what's important and how we can achieve the goals together. Highly recommended.”

Derek Choy – ebay

“Wonderful adventure!  Help your team raise the bar on what they can accomplish together.”
Cary Pittard – ebay

“Time well spent if you truly want to begin breaking down barriers on what may be preventing you and your teams from achieving your common goals/tasks/objectives/etc. in a fun, and engaging forum.”
Ellen Silver – eBay

“Thank you for providing us with a new and different way to think about the work we do every day, and the way we interact with people and teams.  This work can be applied to any group or industry. The personal mountain climbing and adventure stories you share are a powerful tool to make people think differently about team dynamics. Hearing about your personal team experiences in challenging circumstances is inspirational.”

Joe Solimando – CIO Disney Consumer Products

From the Senior Management Team at L-3 Avionics Systems

- I can honestly say this is the most effective program for a leadership team that I have experienced in my long career. True North Alliance enabled the participants to effectively tie the concepts back into our business.

- True North Alliance has a refreshing approach to training that gets to the heart of forming team identity, loyalty and trust. Chess is energizing. He breaks through the tired stereotypes of the corporate world and shows hard working professionals that it's not only OK, but it's vital to have balance and adventure in all parts of your life.

- One of the best team building sessions I've been to. Highly recommended.

- This is not your normal team building event. You will come away with a new perspective on life - both personally and professionally. You will feel a connection with your team members which will allow you to work more effectively as a team.


Prepare to embark upon an adventure of the mind, spirit and heart. What you find along the way could very well change your life.


True North Alliance is unlike any of the other management course I've taken in the past. Chess and his highly motivated team demonstrate and inspire participants to be full fledged adventurers building relationships and serving as an example that others may follow. The encouraging words and carefully orchestrated activities enabled us to break down the barriers that existed prior to our sessions and allowed us to build bridges toward success.


"Chess is extremely effective in translating his life experiences into lessons that fit the everyday world. Moreover, Chess has a creative instinct that enables him to look at a situation or issue through multiple lenses and come to unique as well as effective solutions. Given the opportunity, I would certainly jump at the chance to work with Chess again, and I would not hesitate to include him on a team that is looking for great purpose and meaning to their work."

David Lee - Consulting Principal, Advisory Services, American Express

“We got tremendous value out of our first offsite and it was the foundation for the team connecting at a whole new level with each other. The team dynamics and working relationships improved dramatically.  It was imperative that we maintained this synergy while experiencing changes with the team.  The 2nd offsite helped to cement those internal relationships and even helped us start the process with an external team.”

Terri Jordan - VP Operations, eBay Marketplaces

"Yesterday exceeded both the client’s and my own expectations, and I thank you!

It was a very rewarding process by which teams were able to cut through all the "stuff" and get to their core truth. The team discovered what was really important to their collective identity and I believe they are ready to face it now as a team rather than as individuals."

Zoe Bennett – Senior Manager, Global Leadership and Organization Development, Disney Consumer Products