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“We got tremendous value out of our first offsite and it was the foundation for the team connecting at a whole new level with each other. The team dynamics and working relationships improved dramatically..." [more]

The Connected Team: Foundation for Success


The Connected Team program is about deepening trust within a team. By developing a culture with the courage to be more vulnerable, honest, respectful, and yes, even caring - real trust can flourish. In addition, this program enables a team to explore their core values from various perspectives, unencumbered by personal and political agendas. This foundational program transforms disparate individuals into cohesive and bonded teams.


Throughout time and across cultures there is one essential element that binds communities together: the power of a well-told story.

True North Alliance harnesses the ancient practice of storytelling by providing team members opportunities to explore and share stories about their core values and the life experiences that have shaped the roles they play on the team.

Once team members understand each other's stories, they want to go the extra mile to help each other succeed. When things heat up they are more willing to listen before reacting. The end result is that people deepen their understanding of, and respect for, each other. Teams are more collaborative, effective and productive. (And there's often a lot more laughter around the office!)

Another key element of The Connected Team program is a highly interactive exercise in which teams explore and discover their core team values. Based on the perspectives of the four directions – North, West, South and East, this time-tested cross cultural process transcends traditional thinking and provides team members with a truly fresh perspective - fostering creative thought and deep insight into the true nature of the community they wish to create.


The ability for team members to:

  • Seek out opportunities to share information, insights and best practices with each other and other teams.

  • Readily offer help to others and easily ask for help when needed.

  • Be more vulnerable and trusting in their relationships.

  • Ask open-ended questions to deepen conversations.

  • Discover the ability to innovate and create together without political agendas.

  • Re-discover the joy of actively supporting others.

  • Discover a shared vision of what core values are essential to their success.

What we hear from participants:

  • “When I feel a connection to others, I’m a lot less likely to blindly push for my own ideas as I am to collaboratively seek a solution that’s best for moving the team forward.”

  • “When I realized that I’m an integral part of my teammate's unfolding story, I found a desire to support their success at both the personal and business levels.”

  • “I felt a sense of freedom and possibility when I allowed myself to look at a problem from perspectives different than my usual way of seeing things.”

  • “I’m so much more willing to listen to and respond positively to people when I know their story. I find I genuinely care about what they think and why they think the way they do.”

  • “Now that we all understand which core values are the key to our success we can all work on building and strengthening those values together.”











The training was highly effective and unlike any other out there. Completely invigorating!” [more]