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Unleash Your Team's Spirit of Adventure


Innovation, courageous communication, a compelling vision and the ability to adapt to rapidly shifting conditions are just some of the qualities that adventurers draw upon to successfully navigate dynamic change.

We believe that in today's business climate, leaders and teams must possess these very same skills – this very same Spirit of Adventure.

Our training programs are not about climbing mountains, rafting mighty rivers or crossing great oceans – they are about discovering and applying the underlying attitudes, beliefs, perspectives and skills that make such adventures possible in the first place.

As lifelong adventurers, expedition guides and explorers of global cultures, the True North Alliance team has discovered a rich source of universal practices that have strengthened and sustained communities for thousands of years. We've integrated these time-tested practices with our own 50+ years of business, expedition and leadership experience to create programs that will transform your teams into highly motivated, clear communicating, and innovative adventurers.

True North Alliance programs are a compelling combination of ancient wisdom, expedition team thinking and leading-edge team development processes.


To achieve the most potent and long lasting results we employ the following four-step model:

Explore / Inspire / Discover / Integrate

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Step 1 - Explore (Preparing for the Journey)

Interviews: The key to any successful journey is to make sure you’re working with the right map. By giving team members the opportunity to share their perspectives and insights, we get to the core of what the team needs to navigate the terrain ahead. These private interviews deepen the investment of each team member in the journey as they recognize the critical role they play in the program’s success. The truths we discover during the interview process guide us as we customize the details of your offsite.

True North Alliance provides the team with a detailed synopsis of the insights and patterns brought to light during the interviews. The team leader also receives a synopsis that includes specific recommendations for leadership development.

Step 2 - Inspire (A Key Difference)

Adventures typically begin with a call to action - an experience that inspires us to move beyond our comfort zone and head out to experience new ways of exploring the world. In our programs either cultural anthropologist and adventurer Dr. Jeff Salz or world traveler and expedition guide, Chess Edwards, provide that inspirational call. With epic story-telling and breathtaking photography, they wrap a lifetime of expedition leadership and cultural exploration into a keynote experience that moves your team members not only to tears and laughter, but also to action!

Our keynotes kick-off many of our programs as they spark the imagination and inspire teams to work together toward a shared vision with a spirit of adventure, commitment and camaraderie.

Step 3 - Discover (Taking Action)

No matter which of our programs you’ve embarked upon, the journey is always about discovery and awareness. At this stage we get to the heart of a team’s collective wisdom and transform it into action. The model is simple - team members journey inward to discover their own personal wisdom. We facilitate the sharing of that personal wisdom so that the team can discover their collective team wisdom. With this shared awareness and clarity the team can now commit to action based on the truth of who they are as an openly communicating and trusting community.

Whether climbing a mountain or making critical decisions back in the office, teams that explore, discover and adventure together are teams that are uniquely positioned to take on the challenges ahead with a greatly enhanced sense of synergy, passion and unity.

Step 4 - Integrate (Sustaining the Change)

A journey is meant to allow us gain fresh perspectives and to see things we have never seen before and to see old things as we have never before seen them.

Our work is not complete until we ensure that your team’s new skills and insights are transferred successfully back to the office. Any new skill or perspective takes time and practice to fully integrate. The key to making sure the "Ah-Ha" moments experienced during the offsite really take hold is to support the team with our follow through tools and individual coaching sessions. These one-hour sessions keep the learning alive and give the team an opportunity to work through issues and obstacles that come up around staying aligned with and committed to their goals.

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"I have worked with many facilitators over the years and Chess brought extremely high value to our leadership team. This feeling was enthusiastically shared by everyone who participated in the training program.”


Austen Mulinder - Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Operator Channels
Microsoft Corporation